Want to learn more about your gifts, relationships, the Bible, and more? Check out some of NLCF’s workshops:

NLCF 101 is a workshop that will introduce you to NLCF. We will talk about our mission, our beliefs, and why we do things the way we do them. We will also talk about what it means to be a member of NLCF.

Bible Basics is a workshop designed to help you better understand the Bible. We will talk about the structure of the Bible, how it was put together, why we should trust it, and what to do with it. Even if you are familiar with the Bible, there is much about the background and history of the Bible that you can learn! If you have questions about Scripture, or want to be more informed about this book that is so central to our faith, come check out this workshop. Contact Sarah for more info.

Divine Design is a workshop that will guide you through various assessments that will help reveal how you are gifted, what you are passionate about, how your past experiences can be used, and even what kind of personality you have! Having this knowledge will help you better understand how you can get involved in the church body as well as in the community around you. Contact Jeanette to sign up.

Pre-marital Classes: If you are engaged, this class is for you! We meet as individual couples and in groups of couples to discuss many topics including compatibility, communication and conflict resolution, expectations, finances, family, past history, and intimacy.  There will be a lot of reading and discussion outside of the times we meet, so get ready!  Contact Steve for more info.