Renovate Series

We’re excited to start a series this semester focusing on the practical pieces to actually living the Good News!  The series will last from now until May, with a brief interlude to focus on Easter and the resurrection.  The topics and dates for the Renovate series are as follows:

2/5- Be For the Praise of His Glory

2/12- Hearing From God

2/19- Life Balance (Part 1//Fruitfulness & Priorities)

2/26- Life Balance (Part 2//Rest & Sabbath)

3/12- Daily Disciplines

3/19- Spiritual Warfare & The Supernatural

3/26- Doubt

(Easter Series April 2, 9, & 16)

4/23- Discovering Freedom

4/30- Difficult People

5/7- How to View Success


We hope you’ll join us!  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know at!  If you want to listen to one of the sermons in this series, click here.

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