Leadership Training

Leadership Training (LT) is a chance to spend a summer on a mission to grow closer to God and to reach out to those around you.  It’s a 8-week program where you’ll be experiencing training in all areas:

Life –  You’ll also be learning how to budget, shop for food, and cook all while living with your roommates.

Evangelism – You’ll learn how to share the gospel both in actions and in words.

Job Experience – You will have full-time jobs (where together you can reach out to your co-workers), or you can get your own internship in the area.

Character – You’ll learn how to be an example for others to follow.

Who’s Going: Schools that are a part of Collegiate Church Network come together to participate in LT.

When: June-August (8 weeks)

Cost: The cost includes all your food for the summer, housing, cost for speakers, outreach events, etc. There is a payment plan set in place, so the entire cost is not all due at the beginning of LT.  You can support raise for your LT cost for the summer.

Work: We are providing you with a 40-hour a week job or you can arrange for your own internship in the (if you are looking for an internship, you will just need to make sure that you ask off for our weekly project day- usually people doing internships will work four 10-hour workdays).

Registration: If you register by February 29, the application fee is $50, and after that is $75. Find out more information about LT here and apply here!

NLCF has been doing LT for around 15 years, so if you’re interested in going, there are a lot of people around the church that you can talk to!