130 Jackson Venue

What Is It?

130 Jackson is a building we use for many NLCF activities: the 7:07pm Sunday gathering, band practices, events & parties, and more. It is also  meant to be a place to benefit all of Blacksburg.  It can be used for business meetings, concerts, plays, art shows, banquets, and just about anything else.

NLCF hopes to be a blessing to the Blacksburg community through the services provided by 130 Jackson.  For additional information on community events that have been scheduled and on making reservations, visit 130jackson.com

How Do I Get There?

From Squires, walk down College Ave. toward the downtown area. Take a right onto Draper Rd. (at Souvlaki’s). Right after Bollo’s coffee shop (on your left), take the staircase up toward a building with a green roof. That building is 130 Jackson. The official address is: 130 Jackson St NW, Blacksburg, Virginia

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Check out this video for details on how to get there from Squires.

Directions to the Loft and 130 Jackson from NLCF | Video Team on Vimeo.